We provide design, consent and build services and manage everything from start to finish.

Our FREE initial consultation will cover your specific goals, the options possible, a preliminary total project estimate and the likely time frame to complete.

Our processes ensure clients spend the least amount needed to obtain information certainty for next step decision making. Naturally all aspects become clearer, including the critical costs estimate as the process proceeds.

We offer fully detailed Fixed Price building contracts to ensure no surprises along the way. Banks and lending institutions prefer fixed pricing, and we work hard to keep everything as simple as possible to achieve our clients goals.

We have completed projects from as little as $100,000 however most range between $250 - 450,ooo.

No problem if you already have plans, and we welcome working on tricky or difficult to access sites.

Stage 1: Site Feasibility - what is possible?

We will ask for your site address and to provide as much of the following information as possible;

  • Your goals and the function the build will serve, the preferred position, approx size, cladding and style.

  • A site plan, survey and drawings (if available) of existing buildings and services (Council property file ).

  • Your anticipated budget, but don't worry if you have no idea, we’re here to help.

Our team will check the publicly available information (zoning, regulations, underground services, hydrology etc) and advise back re; the feasibility, options, cost estimate, summary of the likely process, external consultants needed (if any) and time frame. However please note as this is a FREE preliminary service only, we offer no warranty as to the accuracy of the information provided or accept any responsibility for its use, other than to paying clients.  

Depending on the level of project complexity we may recommend obtaining a Town Planners report and / or site survey at this time. These are quoted but cost on average $690 and $750 + gst respectively. The Town Planner will advise in detail if other specialist reports are required (eg; heritage, geo tech, hydrology, traffic…), if Resource Consent is needed and provide a pathway to consenting success.

Stage 2: Design Development

With an understanding of your specific goals and what is possible at site, we will arrange for an architect or architectural designer to prepare and develop your specific design. For a stand alone Loft Garage, Loft Home, Extension or Minor Dwelling, expect to pay between $2.5 - 4k for this design development work, for which a formal offer of architectural services will be provided.

The design is fine tuned back and forth (usually 3 - 4 times) during which time we may discuss and suggest options in regards the likely costs, to ensure we stay close to the estimated budget, and / or amend to include features you've highlighted as important.

The developed design when completed is presented in pdf form and includes; a site plan, all elevations and floor plans for final sign off. (It is at this stage that (if needed) a Resource Consent (quoted separately) will be prepared and lodged at council along with other specialist reports).

Stage 3: Working drawings and lodgement for consent

Once the Design and Materials are agreed the architect completes all the construction details and product specifications to meet the NZ building code and consent requirements ready for lodgement at council. 

At this stage we may recommend obtaining a Geotech report (cost approx $2.5 - 3k), and require an Engineers involvement (quoted as needed) for the working drawing details.

Expect to pay us between 4 - 5k for the architects services to complete and lodge the drawings and specifications for consent (and you will pay council their processing fees directly)

There may be more drawing needed if council request more information but this will be clearly communicated. Once the plans are lodged, a fully detailed fixed price tender and contract to build is prepared and presented. This is an involved process and takes 3 - 4 weeks to complete as the plans proceed through council to (which usually takes a minimum of 5 - 6 weeks, and often longer)

Stage 4: The Build Contract and getting underway

We'll ask you to sign the contract with us, agreeing the pricing, proposed time frames, insurances, project scope (inclusions and exclusions), plus all the finishing products. Then as soon as the deposit is paid we commit and place all the main orders with our suppliers and sub contractors to get the build underway.