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Whatever your situation, our team at Loft Homes and Garages are able to offer our expert knowledge and experience to help answer your questions.  We do this by offering you our no obligation FREE SITE APPRAISAL .

In Auckland, the Unitary Plan has many variables, which can be hard to navigate.  It can sometimes be a little daunting if you don't know all the building terminologies or if you haven't got a lot of time to investigate the possibilities.  This is where we offer you, what we do best.

All we require at the initial stage of your enquiry, is the following:

  1. Name

  2. Your email address

  3. Contact Name and Phone number

  4. Proposed Site Address

  5. Purpose of proposed building

 What does the FREE SITE APPRAISAL consist of?

This study is done in the first instance without a physical site inspection and our consultant will do the initial following investigations:

  • Review of property on publicly available council GIS maps

  • Auckland Unitary Plan zoning or other council rules and standards

  • Control overlays in AUP

  • Possible hydrology requirements

  • Council drainage and apparent issues

  • Approximate position of a complying building

  • Review of site plan, private drainage and existing buildings, if provided

Based on this information our consultant will then provide you with an estimate of likely total budget needed and likely time frame. Due to the possible complexities involved we may recommend a registered town planners feasibility study.

 NB : Site appraisals are provided free of charge and to the best of our knowledge at the time.  Please note however, we accept no responsibility as to the confirmed accuracy of the information provided without written client engagement in place