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With an understanding of your specific goals and what is possible at site, we will arrange:

  • for an architect or architectural designer to prepare and develop your specific design

  • for a stand alone Loft Garage, Loft Home, Extension or Minor Dwelling, expect to pay between $2.5 - 4k for this design development work, for which a formal offer of architectural services will be provided

  • we will arrange for quotes for any other specialist consultant reports and/or resource consent if required

    A pre-application meeting with council may be arranged at this time to overcome any complex issues.

The design is fine tuned back and forth (usually 3 - 4 times) during which time we may discuss and suggest options in regards the likely costs to ensure we stay close to the estimated budget, and/or amend to include features you've highlighted as important.

The developed design when completed is presented in pdf form and includes;

  • the site plan including proposed storm water and wastewater design, plus

  • all elevations and floor plans for final sign off

Resource consents when required are quoted separately along with any specialist reports needed to overcome land use planning infringements. For example; hydrology stormwater & flood assessment, traffic assessment, heritage & character design approval etc




Once the land use, final design and materials are agreed the architect completes all construction details including:

  • product specifications (to meet the NZ building code)

  • consent requirements (for lodgement at council) 

NB. It is likely that a Geotech report (cost approx $2.5 - 3k), and Engineers involvement (quoted per project) will be needed to complete the working drawing details.

Expect to pay us between 4 - 5k for the architects services to complete and lodge the drawings and specifications for consent (clients pay council processing fees directly).

There may be more drawings needed if council request more information, but this will be clearly communicated. Once the plans are lodged, a fully detailed fixed price tender and contract to build is prepared and presented. This is an involved process (quantity surveying and all sub trades quoting) and takes 3 - 4 weeks to complete as the plans proceed through council (which in reality takes a minimum of 5 - 6 weeks, and often longer)